Jean Forsberg: artist

oil paintings: abstract—colorful—lyrical

The act of painting is as opening up throat chakra in passionate song of amazed awe and gratitude/anguish/joy/sadness altogether. In painting I attempt to find voice that begins to express qualities innately imbedded in earth, in water, in air, in trees, grasses, seeds and flowers, in you and me, sensed but elusive. Why do we respond as we do to this or to that? Mysteriously subtle melting into, merging with spirit of place, beings, how things are.
Serene yet vital
Breathing in
Breathing out
Rooting…grounding…, and becoming grounded…(painting and me)…in earth, water, air…all of these …in each and all…as in all that is so we become who and how we are.
In colors’ qualities bold and subtle residing and moving in their field on canvas as do I in my body living with flowing movement on this abundant planet.

A completed painting is a point wherein a certain ‘breath’s held ahh’ holds me rapt.