Scale of my body in relation to size of a canvas fascinates me. As an active person I am aware of how restrictive or intimate and protective or expansive are different environments, how I move and breathe in response. Likewise I sense need for larger or smaller canvas for different expressions. Squares versus longer or taller rectangles allow and demand altogether different dynamics, different changes, as color decisions. Colors and fields of interwoven colors, stroke by stroke, bring into being each painting.

Large paintings and diptychs allow full expansion of expression of my exuberance and passion for our earth, rivers and seas and streams and lakes, for skies blue or gray and ever shifting cloud; woods vibrating with life-giving chi in continuum of transference of dense matter to light energy, turgor or buoyancy, ‘run with the wind’! Whether square or stretched as thin as some which are 30”x80” has effect as much as size. I delight in getting lost and dwelling within them.

Medium sized paintings allow this within a more contained field. They have a comfortable feel to me, yet can have powerful presence.

Small paintings challenge me because of my love of movement (dance, walking, gardening). These small ones invite gentle intimacy.

Large Abstract Paintings

Medium Abstract Paintings

Small Abstract Paintings